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Damota special dental clinic is a privately owned company based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We are established with the aim of providing quality dental health care service with a strong professional. DSDC provides dental health consulting services to individual clients and staff of client organizations. DSDC is equipped with the state of art technologies that improve quality of care, reduce risks to clients and ensure safety. We invests on innovations, research and development to overall development of health care and oral health service in Ethiopia.

We always put our clients in the center of our care and all what we do is geared towards meeting the needs of our clients and to satisfy them. We will continually update ourselves regarding making use of the best and most current scientific evidence and technology available in the dentistry industry. We envision exceeding our clients’ expectations in every way possible. DSDC will exceed by providing the best quality dental care complemented by the very finest customer service with no exception.


  • We give emphasis on prevention of oral health care!
  • Excellent customer care!
  • We have specialized, experienced and skilled staffs!
  • We offer a very fair and reasonable price!
  • We specialized in quality!
  • Our services are flourished with technology!
  • Delivering constant quality dental care treatment!
  • Offering best value services!
  • Having a well-groomed management team
  • Continual curiosity for improvement!
Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the people by offering the highest quality dental care that improves their health, self-confidence, appearance and overall quality of life.
To become a preferable dental clinic to provide and witness a healthy, confident, happy and productive people who is free from dental health problems and infirmities in Ethiopia and elsewhere.
  • Quality, Safety, Professionalism , Respect , Compassion , People-centeredness , Trust , Efficiency